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Here are some possible itineraries that allow one to take in a large part of the Jura department :

First of all, visit the villages of the jurassic wine growing region which is situated on the "Revermont" (the western slope of the department where the grapevines are planted between the flat plain and the first plateau). We suggest starting your visit at Lons le Saunier and following the wine route (la route des vins) towards the northern part of the department. Take a small detour at the villages of Etoile, Baume les Messieurs, Voiteur, and Château Chalon. Make a stop at Poligny, then continue until Buvilly, and Pupillin. Don't forget to visit the vine and wine museum, at Arbois as well as Louis Pasteur's house. Finally, terminate your visit along the wine route with a stop at the village of Montigny les Arsures. In each of these villages you will have the opportunity to visit the wine cellars and to taste the local wines. Take advantage of being in the area and extend your visit to the Salines Royales (royal saltworks) at Arc et Senans (classed as a world heritage site by the united nations), where you will discover the visionary genius of the architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux.

You will have many opportunities to visit the numerous natural caves open to the public. Our suggestions are the following : Osselles, Les Moidons, des Planches, La Glacière as well as the caves of Baume les Messieurs.

One cannot leave the Jura without having tasted the local gastronomic treasures such as the many wonderful cheeses : the Comté, the Morbier, the Vacherin and the Cancoillote à l'ail. Each of these cheeses finds itself in perfect harmony with the wines of the Jura, several of which have unique characteristics such as the famous yellow wine (vin jaune) distinguished by its geographical origin and the fact that it is not put on the market before seven years of aging. The region offers many excellent restaurants serving the finest locale cuisine. One of the best is situated in Arbois, in the heart of the wine growing region : Jean-Paul Jeunet

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